There are more than 20 to 25 amazing places to visit in Manali and Kullu. Here Are Some Sights, Tours and Activities with Every Details and images of Manali and Kullu Images.

25 Amazing Places To Visit in Kullu And Manali

Rohtang Pass:

The only easy route to go heavenly beauty from the spiti valley (Himachal Pradeshto Ladhakh (Kashmirthis route is only open from March to October. Rohtang pass is one of the best place in India which is visited by the whole world tourist with its beauty and adventurous things like air balloonssnow skiingice- skatingParagliding. All such games are played under expert supervisionand mainly permission granted from Indian army for visitor security.

rohtang pass

Main points:

The only route going from Rohtang pass which lets tourist enter Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir), more than 30 lacs tourist pour into to see the beauty of Srinagar, Gulmarg from November to February  due to heavy snowfall this route is closed so visitor’s kindly be alert  if you want to travel this route.

Now come to Solang valley just after Rohtang pass, it’s a fabulous place for family and newly married couples to visit, along with the snow, u get to see the beauty of greenery.

The topmost snow mountain is Gulaba point which is open throughout the year for tourist to enjoy the snow with various activity like snow bikes, paragliding, skiing, ice skating’s its about 45 mins from Manali mall road to enjoy such amazing place. Tourist vehicle are provided in a very reasonable rate. So family and friends do visit Manali to experience the heaven on earth.

Hadimba Temple

Now enter the most beautiful and a goddess Hadimba temple at the peak of the Manali hill, which was constructed in the year 16th century by raja bahadur Singh, with the ancient architectures. the temple is made in the respect of Devi Hadimba , mother of lord ghatotchkach, and wife of great and the furious Bhīma( the Pandava brother) Devi Hadimba was given the goddess position by Maa Durga after accepting her apology.

Just a little ahead about 70 meters is the son of ( Hadimba and Bhimas)   lord ghatotkach idol in the Hadimba temple, Ghatotkach was the great personality who played the hero character in Mahabharat.

Rahalla Falls

The chilling rahalla falls is extremely cold because of the water accumulates through the snow melts its forms into river and falls through the rahalla, its about 15 kms from Manali and takes approx. 30 mins to travel through vehicle or even by horse. It’s a mind blowing view for the visitors to inhale the freshness of rahallas fresh atmosphere you need to go at least once over there.

Gompa Temple (Kullu)

About Gompa Temple or Gompa Manali Monastery. It was made in 60s nearby 60 years old Buddhist temple (Monastery). Many people come here for spiritual healing and believe getting internally strong by going there and worshiping .you can also see idol of Buddha in the temple.

Vashisht Temple

Vashisht Temple and hot water springs both are in this beautiful and small town called Vashisht. It’s about 2.5 km from Manali. Before going there don’t forget to take bathing necessary .hot and warm water from the springs helps to cure from skin problems .there are also bathrooms for both man and women.


To reach Jagatsukh Temple from Manali it’s about 7 km by is surrounded by very beautiful mountains and valleys nearby. Its god Shiva temple and best time to visit during winter.


Solang Valley is famous and know Snow Adventure Points like Parachuting, Trekking, Skiing, Air balloons and Skating. This is the one of the most popular and favorite place in Manali to visit. Tourist love going and enjoying with their family and partners. Don’t miss to visit solang Valley in winter.


Kothi is 13 km from Manali. It is on the way of rohtang pass road. Manali Kothi is also known for Camping and trekking. Kothi is not only loved by tourist but also film makers for the movie location. It is very beautiful place and one of the best God creation.

Manu Temple

If you are planning to visit Manu Temple it’s about 4 km from Old Manali. Manu Temple is also famous place in Manali. Its a very old temple of manali which is situated in the region of Dev Boomi.

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are passionate about wildlife and Nature Beauty Manali Wildlife Sanctuary is the right place for the inspire of the nature beauty. The forest is about 3,200 hectares of space In which you can see the animals like Fox , Hyena , Martens , Squirrels , Bear , Hare , Deer , Tahr , Civet , Serows. There are also human hunters animals like Leopards, Brown and Black Bears and Dangers Goral. In this forest there are tress like Maple, Kail , Deodar , Walnut and Chestnut. Winter is the best time to visit.

Manali Himalayan National Park

Manali-Kullu Himalayan National Park was built in 1985, its about 3,200 hector. Tourist come here for tracking, camping, horse riding and cycling. Best time to visit is from March to September.


Club House is the place where children and youngsters love to enjoy video games, skating and pool tables. Almost all indoor is government of Himachal called HPTDC. It’s also very nearby Mall will be covered by local seen sight tour of Manali.


Mountaineering Institute: – You have heard many institute but this will be new for you. From across India and many foreigners come here for training how to climb, trek and all adventures activities .the institute also provide lodging and boarding facilities. Booking are available for 12 months.


Raghunath Temple is for the followers of lord rama. It was built in the year 1660 by King Jagat Singh. People have heard that the idol of the Lord Rama Is from Ayodhaya which is placed in the temple. It is located in the Kullu around 40 km from Manali.


If You Are in Kullu don’t miss to visit Sultanpur Palace which is reconstructed after the earthquake .the palace is very big with the huge wooded doors. The other name of Sultanpur Palace is also Rupi Palace.


If you want to see Pyramid which are found in Egypt then Basheshwar MahaDev Temple is same like Pyramid style. There are many idols of Lord Shiva, Parvathi , Lord Vishnu , Laxmi , Ganesh , Druga etc. Basheshwar Mahadev temple is in Bajura Village 15 km from Kullu.


Maa Sharvari Devi is in Kullu. It’s very big and very popular temple in Hindus .many people come in Dussehra for the worship .in winter the place lucks so beautiful. The Idol in the temple is of Maa Durga.


Manikaran is directed to Guru Nanak .Manali town 85 km far. The water is about 100 degree hot. Many people comes to take bath in this hot water. There is also hot room where you go and sit on the rocks which are good for back plain relief. Only worst thing is that the road are so bad that makes full trip like horrible. But don’t miss to visit Natural hot water. Don’t forget to take towels and inners. There are full arrangements for both man and women to take bath.

Beas River Manali

This narrow river is the charm of Manali, dividing the town on both banks capitalize the Hotels & resorts for those who love river banks, many people comes here to take pic with their family .you can lots of people nearby this river. This Guy in the pic is Juber Khoja. He is a Famous Manali Tour Guide.


As you know parks are made for away from noise and to get fresh air of Manali .there are many type of also have entry fee of Rs 20 each. If you don’t have any plans then this is the right place to go have rest.


Nagar castle is a hotel plus tourist spot. It’s a wooden castle. Now the castle is convert into a hotel and people comes to see the beauty where you can spend 20 to 30 mins.


If you love natural beauty and love walking in sweat cold wind .then don’t miss to go jogini waterfall.


It is between Solang Valley and Rohtnag pass. Gulaba Mountains are fully covered with snow, Most of the adventure activities are ban at Solang by Himachal Govt


The best experience to ride a bike on hills. You can get bike at cheap cost and good condition. All kinds of bikes are available on rental. Just choose the bike and take a drive in Manali. If you love biking then this the right place to drive, rides comfortably. You can also get bike to go leh laddakh from Manali